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Aloe Vera Moisturizing massage

Bali massage facilitates blood circulation, tones and totally relaxes the body. The use of menthol-containing essential oils provides a pleasant feeling of coolness, freshness and airy lightness that lasts long after the procedure.

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Aloe Vera Massage

Many of us are well aware of what aloe vera is. The plant not only decorates the windowsills of the inhabitants of Ukraine, but also is part of a wide range of therapeutic agents. If you take into account massage with aloe vera, then this component here is a universal gel.

It contains a mass of powerful antioxidants, which will prove to be most effective in the fight against free radicals. The composition of the gel used by the masters of our salon not only regenerates, but also protects the skin from such an unpleasant factor as oxidation. Timely massage of aloe vera significantly prevents early aging, and also provides significant smoothing of wrinkles.

If Thai massage with aloe vera is performed on a professional level, then the procedure will improve cellular oxygen metabolism. Moreover, the therapeutic effect eliminates inflammation that appears on the dermis, fights skin rashes and reduces the level of negative environmental impact.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Session

Our specialized salon located in the center of Kiev has at its disposal everything that is required to organize a quality procedure. Aloe vera massage is a unique technology that can give the skin not only a healthy and beautiful appearance, but also firmness and the hydration it needs.

Indications for the session:

  • There are various burns on the body, including from ultraviolet radiation;
  • There are skin diseases;
  • Allergic reactions, such as unpleasant skin itching, are constantly worried;
  • A person has a reduced level of immunity, etc.

How much is a professional massage in our salon, are potential customers often interested in? The price for this event will pleasantly surprise you, as it is democratic and affordable.