Traditional reflexology of Bali (foot sole massage)

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Traditional reflexology of Bali (foot sole massage)

This pleasant therapy is built upon ancient body treatment traditions. Foot sole massage helps to take away weariness and edema. You will surely enjoy it. To maintain health and good spirits it is recommended to take a course of 7-10 sessions.

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Foot massage – Thai technique

Traditional Thai foot massage in Kiev, which our salon offers to every resident and visitor of the city, is, first of all, a healing and wellness procedure. The vast majority of eastern teachings consist of centuries-old folk medicine, as well as the mystery of the touch of trained and masseurs who know their work perfectly. Masters base the intended procedure on personal knowledge of all the mandatory areas of the human body, as well as on invisible energy lines.

Experts also confirm that acupressure points are present in certain areas of the energy lines. If you exert a corresponding effect on them with your fingers, brushes or elbows, you can safely count on the desired effect. Thai foot massage is a point procedure. The specialist provides rhythmic pressure on the main biologically active areas. Also, for the result to please the patient, the master uses exercises to stretch the joints and ligaments.

Before a traditional Thai foot massage is started, a true certified specialist will perform the so-called mantra without fail. In short, its meaning lies in the spiritual appeal to the ancestor of the direction, namely to Dr. Zhivago Kumar Bhakka. Prayers and requests voiced through the body of a massage therapist will certainly bring a person recovery, peace and happiness.

Benefits of foot massage

Masters claim that Thai foot massage provides free movement of the entire volume of vital energy that is in our body. This helps to increase the activity of the patient and achieve restoration of lost strength. Note that in Kiev there are not many specialists who are able to learn about the presence of pathologies by the level of painful sensations of a person, as well as the shape and relief of the foot.

Balinese reflexology of the feet carries the following positive aspects:

  • The masseur sends a lot of nerve impulses to the brain, which allows you to count on a response command that will ensure the activation of the normal functioning of one or another organ;
  • Also, Balinese foot massage significantly stimulates the release of endorphins, which are powerful anesthetics;
  • Thai foot massage has an analgesic effect. The effectiveness of the procedure can be compared with the strongest opium preparations;
  • Blood supply improves, and all problem areas of the body are supplied with oxygen and special substances.

Become the next client of our salon today, especially since the price for both one person and two is quite affordable and affordable.