This procedure is used to improve hair growth, relieve tension, fatigue, and is also applied as an anti-stress technique. Special massage technology stimulates blood circulation, improves the nourishment of the hair follicles which significantly enhances the health of hair and skin.

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Balinese head massage – the best techniques in our salon

Balinese head massage is one of the best procedures to stimulate the blood circulation. If the event is organized by a professional master who has certification, as well as practical experience, skills and knowledge, it will necessarily relieve pain and provide the client with an anti-stress state. It is worth saying that, like Thai head massage, the Balinese trend combines a number of classic elements, namely acupressure, relaxing therapy using a wide range of natural oils.

In general, Balinese massage of the face, as well as the head, is a whole ritual. He came to our country relatively recently from the famous resort island of Bali. Experts unanimously say that massage is able to combine many Ayurveda techniques, where a number of therapeutic agents are concentrated.

In our Sayana SPA salon, every potential client can feel the truly unique relaxing, as well as healing power of the touch of Thai massage therapists.

Features of the rituals from the island of Bali

Most often, Thai facial massage begins with dry hands of the master, without the use of oils. Receptions are necessarily consistent with all energy movements in the human body. They are directed towards the head. This method provides a synchronous distribution of biological energy flows, which in turn normalizes the functioning of all internal organs.

The specialist will determine which option is ideal for you. Some salon visitors are advised to have Thai head and neck massage, and others face or body massage. Below we suggest a detailed review of the main nuances of such a procedure:

  • Thai face and head massage involves contact of the master’s hands with varying degrees of pressure on individual areas, which stimulates blood circulation;
  • Various aromatic oils and balms are used to calm the nervous system;
  • Tactile action on the body improves the functioning of internal organs.

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