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Balinese traditional massage

Balinese traditional massage starts with gentle treatment of the feet and palms to activate energy and then is carried out throughout the body with stimulation of the largest spirit channels — the Meridian. Deep and careful work of the master on muscles with the use of 100% effective natural aromatics which nourish and moisturize the skin, will allow to instantly get rid of accumulated fatigue and stress. This procedure aids healing at the physical, psychological and energy levels.

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Balinese massage at Sayana Bali Spa

Professional Balinese traditional massage, which our salon offers to everyone, is able to give a lot of great sensations, including guaranteeing the restoration of lost strength, stress relief, as well as updating the whole body. Such a direction as Balinese massage combines the best variations of the technique that are practiced in different countries of the world.

Having ordered a Balinese massage in Kiev, our masters will perform it at the highest level! The event includes aroma therapy, manual manipulations, as well as a series of relaxing exercises. The Balinese massage itself is a combination of acupressure and rubbing movements. The master stimulates with his fingers and palms the acceleration of blood from all limbs to the heart.

Such a procedure greatly improves the blood circulation process, and also accelerates the process of cell regeneration. Classical Balinese massage, both for women and men, begins with superficial stroking without strong pressure on the skin. Further, the event goes into a phase of increased pressure on individual parts of the body.

Features of the considered type of massage

The main principle that bali massage is fraught with is that the master carries out his movements from the limbs of the body to the body and head. Then the manipulations are performed in reverse order. We offer Balinese massage for two, which will certainly help restore and maintain a good mood and well-being of a person for a long period of time. A trip to our SPA salon will be an excellent prevention against diseases of the back, arms, legs and the whole body.

The benefits of massage for two or for one person:

  • Removal of muscle tone;
  • Fast and painless regeneration of damaged skin;
  • Getting rid of scar tissue;
  • Minimizing the consequences after receiving sports injuries;
  • Elimination of migraines and headaches that haunt many residents of the capital;
  • If you choose a long massage, then this procedure guarantees the filling of all cells with oxygen, which will lead to improved sleep, as well as getting rid of nervous disorders.

You will appreciate not only the professionalism of the masters of our salon, but also the affordable price, which hardly anyone else will be able to offer in Kiev. We have gift certificates for couples that will serve as a good gift to people close to you.