A magnificent massage performed by two masters at the same time will give you an unforgettable feeling of lightness and relaxation. The simultaneous work of two therapists will make this procedure inerasable.

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Royal massage – the best techniques in our salon

Thai royal massage is a separate area that is very difficult to master. This option is not at all simple, as it might seem at first glance. Royal four-hand massage arose several hundred years ago and was a response to the desire of the royal families to get a long as well as healthy life. This type of massage differs from other variations in a strict list of mandatory rules. For example, the master must observe a certain distance from the person to whom the procedure is actually intended. In this case, only hands are used.

The event is carried out by two specialists at the same time and each has its own task. A traditional Thai 4-hand massage most often starts from the knees. The movements of the masseurs go to the head, and then return to the feet. One can safely say that Thai 4-hand massage is a real art, which is aimed not only at organizing relaxation of the human body, but also at establishing a temporary energy connection with the master’s chakras.

How is the session

In order for the Thai four-hand massage to have the result expected by the client, the specialist creates an atmosphere of special ritualism of everything happening around. There are scented candles in the room, relaxing music plays, which generates magical mysteries in the patient’s mind from pleasant tactile touches. Our masseurs will provide high-class relaxation to everyone! A 4-hand massage is perfect not only for women, but also for males.

Each full-time adherent who knows all the art of this field can guarantee the patient a four-hand massage, which will be performed at a high professional level. Below we consider the three main components of the session:

  • The specialist needs to distribute the pressure of the hands. If you look at this nuance from the point of view of physiology, it should be said that the purpose of the reception is to disperse the blood flow, as well as excess fluid in the tissues of the body;
  • Torsion of joints and body parts provides an excellent opportunity to get rid of tension and oxidation that accumulates in the muscles as quickly as possible, as well as completely painlessly. Experts note that this will be very useful after physical exercises, for example, in a fitness center;
  • Stretching limbs. The reception resembles twisting, but it is more local.

We are located in the center of Kiev. We offer gift certificates to your girlfriend or wife. We will also please that the price for this session is available to everyone.