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Creole bamboo massage

Thorough body treatment with the help of natural bamboo sticks brings impressive results. Bamboo is a symbol of grace and longevity, it helps to reach every spot of the body and impact important points and problematic areas. This type of massage positively influences the lymphatic system by improving cellular nourishing and metabolic activity. Bamboo massage is extremely effective against edema, stress, weariness and muscular tension. Also, it is a powerful weapon against cellulite.

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Massage using bamboo sticks

If you are a lover of massage rooms, as well as a professional SPA, then you probably know about such a direction as massage with bamboo sticks. We must say right away that in everyday life it is called Creole. Because? Because this technique was invented by Creoles, who are considered long-standing descendants of French immigrants who came from African countries. Bamboo for making sticks was not chosen by chance.

Creole massage with bamboo sticks, or rather its main essence is that the master was able to tap the patient’s body, simultaneously acting on all points of a particular area. Usually, a creole bamboo massage is performed by one master, using two sticks. Just note that one tool contains an internal filler. It can be grain or sand. Such a wand is capable of creating a specific sound.

An anti-cellulite massage with bamboo sticks takes place in a pleasant environment, in an obligatory combination with calm and relaxing music. The fragrance generated by scented candles gives rise to truly wonderful feelings, which in the most positive way affects the emotional component of a person.

Creole Massage Technique

Established masters are always ready to offer not only professional Creole massage in Kiev, but also such directions as Balinese and Thai massage. The choice of the type and methodology of the upcoming procedure depends on a number of factors, namely the current state of the person, age, gender, preferences, etc.

Only some properties of a session for weight loss:

  • You can count on a tonic effect;
  • Massage of the legs, as well as the face, hands and feet carries the maximum level of relaxation;
  • The procedure fights against cellulite;
  • Sticks carry an analgesic effect.

The price of a massage session varies and is determined by the level of complexity of the procedure. We offer several ways of decent financial savings. You can learn more and get a comprehensive consultation absolutely free of charge from the managers of our salon by direct phone number.

Sensations after the massage are indescribable! Statistics say that even incorrigible skeptics still recognize how much the spiritual and physical conditions are changing for the better. We work without days off and holidays, so you can leave your application right now.