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Shiatsu that is translated as “finger pressure” is a type of massage based on the study of energetic meridians whereby “tsi” life energy floats over the body through a system of channels. Floating along these “passages” energy may get blocked and produce a negative influence on physical and spiritual well-being. Shiatsu massage targets the locked points and helps to relieve the energy. By impacting specific areas, this massage “softens” the body, retrieves its mobility, remedies deformations and muscle spasm, steadies nerves, thus, normalizing the internal processes of the body.

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Acupressure – Japanese Technique

Japanese Shiatsu massage is a kind of acupressure. This procedure, if performed on a professional level, will provide maximum stimulation of blood and lymph flow. Moreover, acupressure of shiatsu in the most positive way affects thoughts, and also provides energy flows in the human body.

The name of this direction is translated as “push with your fingers”. Masters with vast practical experience behind them say that technology was born relatively recently, but instantly gained its rightful niche. Japanese body massage shiatsu is considered to be an adaptation of the equally famous direction of “Amma”. Healers practiced it for many centuries and achieved their goals.

Thanks to the professional point pressure of the master, shiatsu massage for the face brings to the person not only bliss, but also guarantees a healing, restoring effect. When a specialist presses with his fingers, as well as palms on specific areas, there is instant stimulation of all the functions of the immune system. There is a kind of breakdown of barriers, which makes the dermis supple, radiant and completely healthy.

How the shiatsu procedure affects the body

Before the master starts the session, he will evaluate the skin, as well as the appearance of the patient. The role of physique, growth, all the problem areas present are identified. Only after receiving a clear picture does the event itself begin. First, the main points that are present in the recesses of the muscles, joints, and tendons are groped. Achieve a positive result and ensure that shiatsu massage in Kiev will please the client, can only be a specialist who knows human anatomy and the nuances in the field of physiology.

What to expect from this area in the field of massage:

  • High-quality shiatsu massage for legs stimulates the work of the corresponding muscles, and also provides restoration of lost strength and energy reserve;
  • The release of nervous tension;
  • Shiatsu massage for feet will allow you to enjoy relaxation and forget about pain;
  • Also, the session will relieve fatigue and discomfort.

The price of massage in our salon is quite affordable and will be affordable to every potential client.