This procedure uses 100% natural candles, a unique composition that will restore strength and heal the skin. Warm, fragrant oil on the body of the client warms, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, making it smooth and silky. Thus, the oils are completely absorbed without leaving a greasy patch on the skin. This type of massage improves blood circulation, relieves spasms and muscle aches, eliminates fatigue and stress. Natural oils of candle enhance aromatherapy efficiency and have a huge relaxing effect. After using the massage candle there is a unique feeling of skin richness with aromatic oils.

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Scented massage technique

Today in the city of Kiev there are a large number of massage and spa salons. All of them offer potential customers a wide variety of directions, types, as well as techniques in the field of massage. If you are counting on professional services, we recommend that you visit our specialized salon.

The most unusual, as well as very enjoyable, is the aroma candle massage. It is performed using wax heated to a certain temperature. We must say right away that candle massage can be done only if the master has a safe branded consumable that does not contain paraffin. Candles themselves include a variety of mixtures of essential oils that are not able to cause any allergic reaction in the patient.

Before you start a massage with hot candles, a specialist lights them. After a certain time, the essential oils in the air mix, and an enticing aromatic cocktail is obtained, which is impossible to breathe. The consumables used for aroma massage with candles have a low melting point. The resulting substance eliminates the appearance of unpleasant pain in a person after contact with the skin.

Composition of aromatic massage candles

As already mentioned, a warm candle massage can only be arranged with certified materials. Quality candles have in their composition a wide range of oils, which, falling on the tear in the molten state, perfectly moisturize it. You can choose an individual combination of ingredients at the request of the client. It is important that the mixture begins to melt at a temperature of no more than 43 degrees.

Most often, the formula for candles includes:

  • Gentle and nourishing skin soy wax. It is it that melts easily, has no toxic substances;
  • This material is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also guarantees skin softening and smoothing;
  • Coconut or other oil, providing an increase in the level of hydration.

It is not the first year that we have been offering a pleasant, wellness and soothing candle wax massage, the price of which is significantly more affordable than in other metropolitan salons. Get advice on all issues right now by contacting the managers by phone hotline.