Massage with herbal bags combines herbal healing and massaging. The procedure is very pleasant and extremely relaxing. Linen bags with herbs and natural aroma oils are heated in a water bath. The master professionally combines the technique of acupressure, massage with herbal sacks and soft stretching of muscles and joints. Herbs and oils penetrate the skin, providing the healing effect of natural compresses. This massage is used to relieve stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia, after injuries (bruises, sprains) and fluid retention. As a result, the circulation of blood and lymph is improved, the metabolic processes are accelerated, the skin becomes more elastic and the muscles become warm.

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Hot Herb Massage

The life of a modern person constantly checks him for strength and endurance, especially in such a metropolis as Kiev. Daily stresses, never ending things, haste, as well as a bad environmental situation – all this and much more undermines not only health, but also weakens nerves. If you decide to stop and relax, we highly recommend a professional herbal bag massage offered by our salon.

This technique is perfect for those patients who have a high threshold of pain. The usual classic body massage can easily turn into a real torture. Just recall that a massage with hot herbal bags came to Ukraine from the far East. All the movements of the master are concentrated without the slightest exception in order to adjust the energy flows in the human body. Cleaning the meridians will lead to the fact that you will feel an unprecedented rise in mood and strength, as well as feel plasticity, which was not there before.

Thai massage with hot herbal bags allows you to forget about what anxious feelings, fear, and constant anxiety for a long time. At the end of the session, patients acquire inner peace of mind, self-confidence. Their blood circulation improves, and this, in turn, helps with the delivery of oxygen to the brain and to the cells. An important point, which carries a Thai massage with bags, is the penetration of therapeutic substances into the human body.

The advantages of this procedure

Another massage with herbal bags in Kiev, we recommend to those who are at risk of contracting colds. If the procedure is performed correctly, it will not take long to improve the general condition, as well as normalize the functioning of the immune system. During the master’s session, the hot substances in the herbs release oil. They, getting on the dermis, contribute to relaxation, and also provide peace and harmony.

Only the main indications for massage:

  • Frequent experiences and stresses;
  • The presence of chronic fatigue, as well as apathy;
  • insomnia;
  • intoxication;
  • Pain in the limbs, muscles and joints.

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