Polynesian Lomi-Lomi massage is a technique that combines strong lymphatic drainage, deep muscular stretching and the influence on subcutaneous fat. Eight-finger manipulation, palms, forearms, elbows are used during the massage. There is a complete recovery of the whole body on emotional and spiritual levels, improvement of blood circulation, muscles relaxation. The result is the removal of swelling, fatigue, and stress, detoxification of the organism, the harmonization of metabolic processes, increasing immunity and a stunning effect in the fight against cellulite.

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Polynesian massage Lomi Lomi – the best techniques in our salon

The talented, professional and caring hands of the massage therapists of our salon will help each visitor not only to completely relax, but also quickly get rid of many pain sensations. Polynesian massage is an ideal direction, allowing a person to plunge into the vast world of pleasant, long and easy enjoyment. The event has an anti-stress effect. It is he who for several hours devastates the mind, and also allows you to forget about the many problems and concerns.

Indulge yourself, book a massage scrap in Kiev and at a reasonable cost enjoy the variety of colors of life. A professional Hawaiian massage is considered more than just a relaxing and wellness treatment. Now with the help of manual therapy you can remove the accumulated stress, as well as get rid of tension in the whole body. We offer a truly unique way to feel like being born again, to enjoy the unimaginable feeling of complete harmony with nature and your own body.

Such a direction as the Hawaiian rhythmic massage lomi lomi refers to this art. Everything is done so that the client and the massage therapist become one. The master tactfully senses all areas of your body, changes the level of pressure, and also uses the most suitable technique in a particular case. Experts confirm the view that the result of one session of an event such as a Hawaiian massage lomi lomi can be safely compared with several days of passive relaxation, for example on the beach or in nature.

The healing and relaxing effects of massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage will be useful for those people who experience daily stress at work, suffer from separation from a loved one. The correct actions of the master without fail will allow for a while to forget about all the life troubles, get rid of oppression, and also cope with neurosis. We are well aware of all the nuances that include scrap scrap, and therefore we will be able to guarantee the patient the optimal result of the procedures performed. After the session, you will be freed from headaches, the former self-doubt will disappear.

It is important to note that the passage of the entire course of Lomi Lomi allows a person to easily endure a lot of painful sensations, and sometimes even recover from:

  • Pathologies associated with the functioning of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Diseases associated with the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Recall that usually, a Polynesian type of massage is performed on the client’s naked body. If the direction of Lomi Lomi is added, the master applies a number of essential oils to achieve the desired effect. Our salon is located in the city of Kiev. You can find out the price of the procedures you are interested in and sign up for a session by calling the hotline or by filling out an online form on the website.