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Sabai massage is a wonderful combination of Thai traditional and Balinese oil massage. Due to the use of point technique, as well as the implementation of sliding, deep, and at the same time soft smooth moves during the massage, it is possible to  work the muscles and ligaments carefully. The procedure recovers the body after stress and physical activity. The use of massage aromatics will have a beneficial effect on the skin and create the effect of relaxing aromatherapy.

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Sabai massage – the best techniques in our salon

Such a direction as Sabai massage is a unique and thoughtful combination to the smallest detail. In fact, this procedure includes traditional as well as Balinese massage with the obligatory use of aromatic oil. Experts confirm that not every master is able to master this art and realize all the nuances in organizing this event.

Real specialists who know what sabai sabai massage is throughout their lives remain religious, people who believe in special powers, and give almost all their free time to such procedures as meditation. Having received special knowledge and skills, the craftsmen working in our salon are able to feel all the individual characteristics present in a person, as well as energy lines.

Statistics show that, especially in this direction, women are doing well. Gentle and at the same time strong female hands open, and also fill the visitor’s body with the energy of space. Women massage therapists lose a significant amount of their own strength at each session, and therefore they must be strong and hardy.

Is it possible to count on massage healing

Our professional sabay massage in Kiev is the best option that allows you to achieve peace of mind, as well as physical recovery in a minimum period of time. Sabai Sabai massage is performed according to the approved scheme using safe and hypoallergenic essential oils. We offer a unique massage of the whole body, legs, shoulders, face and head. Not only traditional, but also intensive massage will be available to you. The best specialists will ensure the highest quality of the entire list of services at an affordable cost.

Thai sabai massage includes a number of positive moments for a person and they will be discussed a little lower:

  • The procedure helps the patient achieve complete relaxation of the entire muscle complex;
  • For a while you will forget about your worries and problems;
  • Increases the level of flexibility of the body;
  • Due to the saturation of blood with oxygen after its heating, the metabolic process in the body is accelerated;
  • You can count on the removal of edema from the limbs, etc.

We have no amateurs. In their work, each full-time massage master takes as a basis for a positive result ancient knowledge from such important areas as phyto therapy, acupuncture, and passive yoga.