Stone massage is a unique therapy with using the energy of basalt stones formed by volcanic rocks. Hot pebbles perfectly relax your muscles, give you an incredible feeling of being in a state of weightlessness. This procedure also activates the metabolic processes in the body, cleanses and liberate energy channels of your organism.

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Stone massage – the best techniques in our salon

If you are interested in stone therapy in Kiev, we strongly recommend that you apply for this procedure in our professional salon. In fact, this direction is one of the massage options, but the main difference is that when organizing the procedure, the master uses stones of various sizes and weights. The history of such an event as stone therapy goes back several centuries. The method was used in ancient Rome, however, it received the maximum distribution and demand in eastern medicine.

Although stone massage appeared in Ukraine relatively recently, it has already managed to gain its niche and has become quite popular with most people. Experts confirm that stone massage can save the patient from a number of diseases. This option not only contributes to recovery, but also relieves depression, stress, apathy, and muscle tension. If the stone massage in Kiev is performed correctly, in compliance with all ancient traditions, as well as the recommendations of the founders, you can count on a significant improvement in blood circulation, on stimulating the elimination of toxins and toxins from the body, excess fluid accumulation, etc.

In order for a hot stone massage to please a client, it is imperative to use special flattened and glossy stones that have been pretreated with appropriate equipment. White or black stones are used. They are not only hot, but also cold. To achieve the result, the pebbles alternate among themselves. They can be of medium temperature.

Features of this massage

Our center of massage procedures has at its disposal absolutely everything that this direction requires. In order for the stone therapy to please the patient, it is necessary to create the appropriate environment in the office. During a Thai or Balinese massage, we create a calm, pacifying atmosphere. Relaxing music will sound for you and scented candles will burn.

The procedure includes several main stages, and we will talk about them a bit below:

  • Primary skin rubbing with hypoallergenic oils is performed. This allows you to relax the patient, as well as ensure his preparation for the list of further manipulations;
  • Placement of pre-prepared stones is carried out in certain areas, namely on the legs, shoulders, lower back, etc .;
  • Small fragments are placed between the fingers;
  • If grinding of individual zones is being prepared, then only heated stones are used for this to a temperature of no higher than 40 degrees.

We welcome every potential visitor living in Pechersk, as well as any other areas of Kiev. Learn more about the nuances of the procedure by calling the hotline. The price for massage services of our salon is approved in the price list, which can be found on the corresponding page of the site.