Thai massage is an ancient healing system of body and soul that combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic methods and elements of yoga. It is able to relax your body as well as fill it with vital energy. During the massage, there is a mild stimulation of all organism’s systems, increasing the tonus of blood vessels, along with the joints mobility. You will feel happy and full of strength. The massage is performed in a special pajamas without the use of oil.

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Professional massage by Thai masters at Sayana

Traditional Thai massage, which our specialized salon kindly offers to residents of Pechersk and Kiev, was founded several centuries ago. The direction has a centuries-old doctrine and is a kind of ritual, which includes a lot of certain manipulations.

For example, if you take a traditional Thai body massage, it should be said that the master through his human body acts on the deepest points of energy accumulation. Thai massage of the back, legs, rug, head or face helps to find not only physical relaxation, but also make friends with inner harmony. There are many differences that Thai massage brings.

So, the procedure includes acupressure, approved and approved techniques, as well as a number of passive and semi-active yoga elements. A master must have some level of physical strength. With his own hands, he carries out light twisting, and also provides stretching of the joints. Fingers presses on a number of active zones, involves hands, elbows and knees.

The benefits of Thai massage

Among other things, Thai classic massage greatly improves blood circulation. Cells saturated with oxygen accelerate metabolism, relieve the body of fatigue, relieve muscle clogging, and this significantly increases the human performance. Thai massage in Kiev, which offers our salon, is designed to restore the patient’s body and return it to a state of balance. This happens due to the influx of vitality.

Perfectly knowledgeable, certified masters always follow established traditions and follow proven massage techniques. With regular visits to relaxation sessions, the expected therapeutic effect will be guaranteed. And here are just some of the benefits of massage, for both men and women of different ages:

  • Increased flexibility of all joints;
  • The tone of deep muscles increases;
  • An anti-stress, as well as a therapeutic effect is achieved, which actually counts the main number of clients of the salon;
  • There is a stimulation of metabolic as well as regenerative processes in the body;
  • There is a quick restoration of the energy balance lost during the working week, anxiety disappears;
  • All kinds of toxins and toxins are removed;
  • The pain syndrome is eliminated, the general condition improves if a person has pathologies in the musculoskeletal system.

To whom this direction is suitable

Body massage provides certain indications for the procedure. We will discuss them a little lower:

  • There are constant or variable pains in the joints, back and shoulders;
  • There is a violation of posture;
  • Flexibility decreased, spinal mobility decreased;
  • Noticeable sleep disturbances, etc.

A Thai massage session allows a person to feel devastated, completely relax, clear their thoughts and soul of the omnipresent negative energy. Massage with complete relaxation will re-absorb the most positive sensations, fill the organs with vital forces. Thai massage in the center of Kiev, which can be ordered from us on unique, affordable conditions, will make all muscles, as well as body tissues, work normally.

We have created ideal conditions for two or one person. Get more information from the salon manager by calling the hotline. The price of a full list of services is indicated in the price list on the official website of the company.